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Real Estate 101 Video

I recorded these video’s for all of ya’ll out there that are wanting to get a deal under contract but just haven’t yet.






Worked hard to get these deals so BUY em!

Hey I worked hard to get these deals check them out and get back to me ASAP.

1143 N Ivy Street Denver 80220

1145 N Ivy Street Denver 80220


I got these both from the same seller, its not a BANK hahah so check them both out now, buy them both and Ill give ya an even better dealio!

Oh yeah they both have paying current tenants in them but they are on 30 day notice so act this weekend and we can get them out so you can start workin on em ASAP.


Giddy up, a lot of ya’ll said ya needed more deals and these are very strong deals!


WOW, what a way to start the new decade….

I have been Slammed with deals, looking at 3-5 houses a day and making offers on that many plus.

There are so so many deals out right now, I need more hours in the day to look at them all.

Email me if you dont see what your looking for and let me know exactly what its is you want and I will try to find it.