Hydroponic Food Manufacturing – Kremmling, Colorado ($1.5M)

OVERVIEW zipgrow
Locally grow and distribute quality pesticide and chemical free food year round utilizing a repurposed
building and distressed labor market.

Most organic food travels more than 1,000 miles to the customer causing less than fresh supply, increased fuel costs, resulting in higher costs to the consumer with lower quality food.


1.    The customer base consists of restaurants, grocery chains and private customers within 100 miles.
2.    Repurpose an old middle school to an indoor growing facility using state of the art equipment for year round production of quality food.
3.    Employee and train 5-8 people to run the system and deliver produce.  Use interns and volunteers, similar to a CSA to harvest year round.


Using a turnkey hydroponic tower system that is tested and warrantied to grow vegetables and herbs.
The system has 2,160 towers, costing approximately $1M.  This includes everything from the towers, lighting, plumbing, training and installation, etc.

Production of over 7 pounds of green produce and 4.5 pounds of herbs PER WEEK.  These will be sold directly to local customers.

Over $2M estimated.