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Real Estate 101 Video

I recorded these video’s for all of ya’ll out there that are wanting to get a deal under contract but just haven’t yet.






Changing my property post over to the new site…

Got a new website for my Denver area wholesale properties.

Go there for all of the current property that I have available and under contract.







Worked hard to get these deals so BUY em!

Hey I worked hard to get these deals check them out and get back to me ASAP.

1143 N Ivy Street Denver 80220

1145 N Ivy Street Denver 80220


I got these both from the same seller, its not a BANK hahah so check them both out now, buy them both and Ill give ya an even better dealio!

Oh yeah they both have paying current tenants in them but they are on 30 day notice so act this weekend and we can get them out so you can start workin on em ASAP.


Giddy up, a lot of ya’ll said ya needed more deals and these are very strong deals!


Sweet Ohio cash flow deals

Two, Duplexes:

(1.) Price: $18,000
(each Unit is 3 beds / 1 bath)
Address: 312 & 314 Kenwood Ave.
Dayton, OH 45405
Comparables: $53,000-$+70,000
Repairs: Approx. $5,000 worth
(needs interior & exterior paint, water heater in one unit, needs new glass
installed in a few windows).

(2.) Price: $16,000
(each Unit 2 beds / 2 baths)
Address: 17 & 19 Glenwood St.
Dayton, OH 45405
Comps: $48,000-$50,000
Repairs: Approx. $3,000 worth
(just needs paint and sprucing up).

(3.) 3 story House: (7 beds /3 bath)for $24,000.
Repairs: approx. $5,000-10,000
Comps: $64,900
(repairs: finish drywall work, paint, floor covering needs installing).

I have all 3 under Contract and I’m assigning my Contract. My Assignment
Fee is already included in the prices here. These come with a free and
clear title!

Call me on my cell if you have any questions.

Alex   970-390-7785


or Jan 720-436-2995


Wow I got lost in outter space…

Not! hahah now lets get some houses bought and sold!

This is an awesome Short sale video!

Haha aint this the truth when we are out there taking on the chin and these home owners just dont get it!

Foundation repair is done!

We had to get some serious lifiting done on the foundation of our current retail flip project and I wanted to keep you posted on it.

Here are some pics of the actual process.

This was a problem that I knew about from the start and I had budgeted 15k for the repair, and so far with the lift done and the foundation wall repaired i have spent 11k so I think that Im doing pretty good, I wanted to post this to let all yall know that doing a structural repair is not nearly as hard or bad as everyone says… Just a few words of advice, get multiple bids from at least 4 or more repair contractors and engineers.

I had bids from 18k to 6k just for the foundation wall repair.

Feel free to leave and questions or comments and I will try to answer them.


WOW, what a way to start the new decade….

I have been Slammed with deals, looking at 3-5 houses a day and making offers on that many plus.

There are so so many deals out right now, I need more hours in the day to look at them all.

Email me if you dont see what your looking for and let me know exactly what its is you want and I will try to find it.

Finally got all the new properties posted

I have got investor properties for sale, these are wholesale deals and many of these properties are already rehabbed and have tenants in place.

Check out the links on the right to find out what I have and more details!

Click Here to tell me more about what you are looking for in an investment property!